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ABC First Aid Courses

Engaging student courses designed for first aid trainers to easily keep track of their students progress

Online Learning Modules For Your First Aid Students

Participants work their way through a highly-engaging and informative course presentation with quizzes and knowledge checks at the end of each module.

Our courses work on smartphones and desktops PCs/MACs. The process is simple. You will have access to an admin dashboard where you can set up your online workshops and send links to your students to enrol directly into the online learning, or if you wish, you can enrol your students manually.

From there, you can see your student’s progress, send reminders and much more. Our courses are all mapped to current units of competency and we constantly keep them up to date with industry standards. Contact us today for a demo!

Easy To Use

Once the learning course is scheduled, you can provide your students with a direct link to enter the course. You only need to capture their name and email address and this will be their unique log in. in a couple of clicks, students will access and complete their learning.


Our customers (you) will have full sight of your students' progress. The progress bar will indicate the student's completion status. You can also see what questions they are getting wrong which will help them when it comes to their practical training.


Our course resources are informative and engaging that includes presentations, videos and quizzes. Students complete online learning prior to attending a practical session delivered by you.

Available First Aid Courses

Online BLS Course


Online CPR Course


Online First Aid Course


Online CPR/LVR Course


Online First Aid Education And Care Course


Online Courses FAQ's

Who are these courses designed for?

These courses are designed for RTO’s to give to your first aid participants so they can complete their pre-course learning online and you can easily manage their progress. As we provide you with the course content and knowledge questions, all you need to look after is the practical training and assessments.

Are the courses regularly updated?

The course content is regularly updated if there are changes to standards, regulations and guidelines. This ensures participants have up to date knowledge at all times.

Can I keep track of how my participants are progressing?

You sure can! You will have access to an admin dashboard that allows you to review your students’ work and view their progress.

Do I need to be a tech whiz to use your system?

Absolutely not! We have worked hard to make sure our system is easy to use. Our friendly team will be here to assist if you need some guidance.

What if my students are not good with technology?

Our system is designed to be straightforward and user friendly.

Are the courses available on PC and MAC?

All courses are available on PC and MAC computers.

Will it work on a smartphone?

Yes, we know how people love to use their smartphones, so we have made all courses accessible via your phone.