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First Aid Books, eBooks & Online Courses

Designed To Support First Aid Course Participants Across Australia

Expert Learning Materials For First Aid Students

ABC of Advanced First Aid Customised Cover

First Aid Books

High quality first aid books to assist with pre course learning and for your students to take home after they complete their training.

First aid pre-course online workbook

Online Courses

Online learning modules for students where providers can keep track of their progress through an admin dashboard.

ABC of CPR Textbook


Digital versions of some of our popular first aid training books. Providing a simple and environmentally friendly alternative.

Quality First Aid Books

ABC Publications was established in 2008 and has been producing high-quality first aid books for students ever since.

Our first aid books are regularly updated to comply with national competency unit changes and Australian Resuscitation Council guidelines.

They cover topics from CPR, LVR, Advanced Resuscitation, Advanced First Aid, Occupational First Aid and Remote First Aid and feature high quality graphics, which makes the application of skills easier to understand.

They are small and compact, yet packed full of valuable information for students, to assist with pre-course learning or to take home after training.

First aid books are a popular value add to your course or an upsell opportunity for providers. We can add your logo to the front page of the books for that extra unique touch.

First Aid Books

Online Courses For First Aid Participants

ABC Publications offers a range of online courses and a student workbook covering the knowledge evidence aspects of various first aid courses, mapped to the applicable units of competency. The courses are ideal for external providers who do not have a pre-course online learning solution.

Students can complete the online learning before they attend their face-to-face session with their provider. Students work through the online courses, and providers have an administration dashboard where they can view their student’s completion status. Providers can also download their completion certificates, to keep as evidence.

The in-class training and scenarios build on the knowledge they have already gained from the online course, rather than having to start from a ‘no-knowledge’ basis. This enables providers to save in-class training time and focus more on practical skills-building and or assessment-only tasks.

ABC Publications automatically maintains the course’s currency – so providers can be assured the content is as per the latest guidelines and unit of competency requirements.